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  As part of UEH, the International School of Business was established to create a world-class, modern and dynamic educational environment.


Its training programs are continuously updated to match the demands of employers and the challenges of the global workplace. Its faculty, including competent and experienced Vietnamese lecturers, who have studied overseas for years, as well as professors from the world’s most renowned universities, helps to enhance teaching quality, supplies the students with a range of practical experiences and prepares them well for the future. 

The International School of Business runs undergraduate and post-graduate programs with English as a medium of instruction. In addition to UEH degree programs, courses in cooperation with and offered by its prestigious partner universities are also available, such as Bachelor of Business and Master of Business Administration by Western Sydney University, Australia; the Executive MBA by UQAM University, Canada; Master of Finance by Massey University, New Zealand; and Master of Public Administration by Tampere University, Finland.

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