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Instruction for Student




Every student need an account to be able to use the system. The account consists of account name and password.

  • The account name is the student ID. To get the student ID, please click on the ‘student search’ tab on the menu and follow these instructions

  • The password is created based on the student’s birth day. For example for students whose birthday are 18/05/1996, the password is 18051996

Note: if any problem with the account arises, students contact the Training and Testing Department for assistance.


1. Signing in

- Enter the account name and password, select ‘student’ tab and click Log in to sign into the system.

- After the first sign in, users are first required to change the password, the new password must be at least 6 characters long.

 Note: Students must protect their passwords and must not reveal their passwords to anyone under any circumstances. Student must take full responsibility for problems that arise in such cases.

2. Signing out

Students must sign out after using the system. Not signing out may result in others using your account and creating false information.

3. Changing password

When students want to change their password, enter System → select Change password and follow the instruction on this picture.

The new password must be different from the old one and be at least 6 characters long. When changing password, students should turn off Vietnamese input mode.

4. Checking notifications

a. General notification

Notifications that are for students from all department. To read them, choose AnnouncementGeneral Announcement


b. Announcement for subject classes

Notifications that are posted by lecturers (or the Traning and Testing Departement) notifying students of subject classes. Only students of the class can see these informations.

To see them, click Announcement For subject class


5. Enrolment

a. Enrolment

This function is only available during the enrolment period specified by the Traning Departement. Selection of modules depend primarily on minimum, maximum credit, prerequisites, Previous subject, Concurrent subject.

For Enrolment, Click Enrolment à select enrolment function:

  • Normal enrolment: enrolment for modules planned by the Education and management Department, students with normal progress can enroll.

  • Reenrolment: apply for modules of previous semester but did not meet the requirement (Module score <5.0)

  • Improve enrolment: apply for modules of previous semester and passed but students want to improve their score.

  • Other enrolment: Students can sign up for any classes organized by the Institution provided they meet the requirement. This function is for students with slow or fast progress.

To enroll for modules, please follow these steps:


  • During the process of enrolment, if any condition is not met, the system will inform the student, signup information will be recorded if the notification ‘ Save successful’ is displayed

  • To cancel modules, students follow the same above instruction, deselect the modules and save

b. To view enrolment result

To view enrolled modules, click enrolment results

6. Viewing information

a. Personal information

To see personal information, select information personal

b. Schedule

To see schedule, click informationSchedule.

Note: students should check the schedule weekly, the system defaults at the current week.

c. Results

List students’ studying results of year, semester. To see, choose InformationYour Academic results

d. Tuition fee

Display each module’s fee, sum up total tuition fee, reduce amount, received amount, remaining amount,..

e. Education plan

Detailed education plan for each semester, applied for students’ class. Students must pay attentions to constraint (prerequisites, Previous subject, Concurrent subject) and enrolment condition of selected group.

Good luck!



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